Snowboard Binding Mount$30

Snowboard Binding Mount & Customization

One of the biggest mistakes snowboarders do all the time after purchasing their new gear is to just slap on the bindings on their snowboard and call it a day. You just paid hundreds of dollars for that new set up and the biggest disservice you can do to yourself is not to customize your new bindings to your snowboard and more importantly to your boots. Think about it this way, you adjust your brand new car’s mirrors and seat position to fit your height and comfort level. It is no different when it comes to mounting your bindings on your snowboard.

Take a look at your bindings and notice there are a number of screws and parts involved. Those pieces are usually set on the smallest setting to make it batter fit inside the retail box it comes in. At Stick Docs we consider your boot size, style of riding, and type of snowboard you have to determine the best stance and adjustments needed to best suit your riding style.