Ski Base Repair$30-90

Ski & Snowboard Base Repair Process

Have you ran over a rock with your skis? Early season obstacles left the base of your snowboard shredded? Don’t panic, we can repair all ski and snowboard base damages. Smaller shallow gauges are filled in with P-Tex and deeper gauges are repaired through Base Welding process. Once the base is repaired, we then color match the base so the repair area doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Stick Docs is one of the only few repair shops in the country to offer base repair color matching.


P-Tex is generally used for repairs of gouges in the base of skis and snowboards. These gouges are about 1-2mm in depth. Before applying P-Tex, we inspect the damage and remove any debris that could be caught inside the gouge, you could be surprised what you find inside. Cut away any hanging or loose pieces of base material that will no longer serve any purpose. P-Tex is then heated, melted and dripped on the damaged area to be covered. Once it cools down, the P-Tex is scraped away and the skis or snowboards are passed through the belt grinder to flatten the base and make sure it’s flush with the edge.

Base Weld:

Base welding is required when the gouges on the base of your skis or snowboards are too deep and have gone all the way to the core. These nasty gouges are called Core Shots. A core shot is when the core of the ski is exposed to the elements (water, moisture, snow etc..) instead of being protected. Moisture getting into the core of the ski is bad, that moisture can freeze and further damage the skis or snowboards.

At Stick Docs, we take a different approach to Base Welding. We have been using new technology methods which bond the material to the core much stronger and for longer time frame. This method also allows us to color match Base Welds as well.