Ski Major Tune-up$70

Ski Major Tune-up Pricing:

Flex (5 Day Turnaround) $70
3 Day Turnaround $80
2 Day Turnaround $90
Next Day Turnaround $100

Examine the bases of your skis when you get home. If your black ski bases are looking white in spots they are thristy for wax. If you notice parts of the ski that still have wax on them, usually circular spots, the bases aren’t flat anymore. If the bases feel fuzzy, its time for a stone grind. If you run you finger (BE CAREFUL) along the edges and you feel burrs all over the place time to get them sharpened. If you take your finger nail to the edge and try to shave the top of your nail off and nothing happens they’re dull, time for sharpening.

Everyone here waxes their skis before each and every ski day and we tune our skis after 3-4 days of skiing on a pair of all-mountain/everyday skis. Powder skis because the snow is soft can go a little longer without tuning (Depends on how many rocks/trees/stumps we hit too).